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Effective File Search

Find any files on your PC or LAN with this flexible tool. You can use AND/OR/NOT operators
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22 August 2011

Editor's review

Effective File Search is a well designed utility that gives you effective file search results.
Simplify and get control of your file search job with this advanced and easy to use tool. The tool will allow you to effectively search for any file or document on your computer or local area network with ease. Other than that the tool allows many more features like; support for all popular file formats like; MS Office documents, RTF, HTML, PDF and many other text and binary files; flexibility in search by; date, by size, by file name and by containing text; it supports regular search expressions as AND/OR/NOT; supports actions with search results like; rename, copy, delete and more; supports the Windows Explorer functionality for icons, context menus, drag and drop; automate file search functions, save results to files and much more.
Make your search more effective and replace yourself with Effective File Search to gain productivity and lessen manual stress.

Publisher's description

Effective File Search is a flexible and powerful search software. Find any files and documents on your PC or local area network with this easy to use tool. EFS is a good replacement for the Windows Search tool.
* Support of all popular file formats (MS Office documents, RTF, HTML, PDF, ODT, ODS and many other text and binary files)
* Flexible search by date, by size, by file name and by containing text
* Support of AND/OR/NOT searches and regular expressions
* Windows Explorer functionality (icons, context menus, drag and drop)
* Support of a lot of file operations (rename, copy, delete etc.)
* Export, Import and Administrative functions
It is possible to automate many Effective File Search functions and save a lot of time.
Effective File Search
Effective File Search
Version 6.8
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User comments

Knut Bøe
I love this program! It is very intuitive and very easy to use. Window 7`s search tool can`t search for strings _inside_ .sas- files, but Effective File Search can. Effective File Search is a very versatile and effective program.
This searches text files with the .PHP extension (and probably other extensions) unlike the windows file manager. Fast, accurate and easy to use. No messing around. Download and get results in less than a minute.
For a program that does not index the files, it is pleasantly fast. Lots of search options.
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